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Winner of the Marcel Doucet Sportsman of the Year

Shane Wellman!

Trip South Winner

Left to right Christine LeBlanc, Romeo Perron and Danielle Bernard

Mr Romeo Perron Accepts his prize from Christine LeBlanc and Danielle Bernard

Down South Trip Winners

Congratulations to to the winners of the Down South Trip Winners! Thank you for your support!!

The grand winner was Romeo Perron. Mr. Perron wins a trip value of $3000 from SD Travel or cash of $2500.

10 winners of $100 were as follows:

Doris Adams

Julien Morris

Claude Lavoie

Rene Dumaresq

Zach Eldridge

Jean Pierre Julien

Helen Busteed

Iris Schriver

Jocelyn Firth

Etienne Perron


2015-2016 executive

After our AGM March 23, 2015 the newly elected executive is as follows:

President: André LeBlanc

1rst VP : Luc Robillard

2nd VP: John Hutchinson

Director: Robert Daley (2nd year)

Director: Luke Caissy

Director: Dave LeBourque

Director: Vacant

Secretary: Joanne Currie

Thank you to the outgoing executive members! Your contribution to the continual success of our club is GREATLY appreciated!!

Mike Parker

Adam Firth

Christine LeBlanc

Kathy Downs


Sportsmen Supper Grand Prize Winner

Andre LeBlanc and his wife Christine

Merchant winners

Team Lyons

Campbellton Curling Club Executive 2014 2015

Your 2014/15 executive. L to R first row, Luc Robillard (VP), Mike Parker (VP), Christine LeBlanc(director), Dan Leger (treasurer) back row: Joanne Currie(secretary), Kathy Downs (director), Robert Daley (director), André LeBlanc (President), Adam Firth (director)


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Campbellton Curling Club

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